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How to Create a Happier Workforce

Times are tough - firms are trying to maintain the happiness of their employees and keep morale high. Giving a raise is always a good way to keep workers happy, but there are ways you could promote goodwill and foster a sense of cooperation and dedication. Want to make your environment a place where workers WANT to go? Here are some ideas to make sure you foster happy and productive employees:

  • Add a ‘happy hour’ or fun activity near the end of the work week. Consider having small snacks and refreshments in a place where employees can gather and socialize for an hour toward the day’s end. This time enables people to unwind and mingle with co-workers which they don’t necessarily get to interact with during the week. The friendships can create a powerful bond that promotes commitment and dedication.

  • Plan corporate outings or picnics. This may be an activity where workers get together for a day of fun. Consider including workers’ family members if the budget allows. Outings promote goodwill and demonstrate to the employees that the company is also interested in ensuring that staff is appreciated.

  • Raise funds for a good cause. Promote an employee bake sale or something else where employees can work together to drive awareness for a good cause. Corporate social responsibility is a hot topic, and many employees want the chance to give back to the community in a meaningful way. Activities of this kind also encourages camaraderie, and allows employees to know that the company is aware of other issues besides work.

  • Consider flexible work arrangements. Implementing schedules that are flexible demonstrates an understanding of commitments. This doesn’t mean that the business has to modify the work schedule fully. For example, for those employees that have conflicts with childcare or other things establish a 9:30 am - 5:30 pm workday. Allowing employees this type of flexibility will most definitely promote a happy and productive employee.

  • Food & Beverages. Which employee does not like food? Consider providing coffee, tea, and water to workers daily. You would be surprised how much people appreciate these things. Do you work in a building with a cafeteria? If you do, consider establishing a program where the food is subsidized. They say that food is comforting. It is especially so when employees get to eat at a reduced fee.

These thoughts are worth their weight in gold, especially if you consider the high cost of employee turnover. Fostering longevity and commitment in the workplace will promote goodwill, stability, and a talent pool that remains able and willing to contribute to the corporate vision and growth.