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Creating a Good Physical Work Environment

We all know that happy workers translate into better workers. But how do you keep your employers happy? According to the latest Employer of Choice poll conducted by CareerBuilder Singapore, among the top reasons behind a candidate’s career choice was a comfortable work environment. This is next to evergreen influences such as better benefits and remunerations.

The Office Is like A Second Home

We invest more than 30% of our adult lives working, so the working environment will have a direct influence on productivity. Nobody likes to dwell in a cramped and dark work space. An employer with genuine care for his employers has to create a comfortable environment for them to work productively and effectively. For example, harsh lighting in the future can be harmful to productivity because it can be straining on the eyes, and workplace temperature that’s too cold or too warm creates discomfort.

Health Matters

We spend the majority of our time in the office hence it is important that the office chair has good ergonomics. Otherwise, employees would end up in a poor posture which in turn leads to health-related issues such as backaches.

It is important to create a sanitary work environment by ensuring aircon servicing and carpet shampooing and installing disinfectant systems or air purifiers. The workplace is, after all, an area in which germs could be spread easily. These practices can assist in creating a healthy environment which in turn will result in lesser leaves.

Open or Closed?

What type of office layout should you adopt: the open or closed concept? The jury is still undecided on this one. Those in support of this theory claim that it fosters communication, and that it encourages colleagues to collaborate. It breaks down organization hierarchies, creating a sense of involvement and community. In the age of the millennials who values teamwork, the open office concept is proving to be a popular one in creative agencies. Support is growing for the closed concept office, where is a cubicle for each worker. Advocates say that solitude is offered by this, thus preventing distractions. Sound levels are reduced which makes for greater concentration.

Beyond the Physical

A working environment is more than simply ensuring a comfortable physical space; it is about creating the ‘hardware.’ One should aim to strengthen office ties between employees and supervisors.

This can be carried out in a variety of ways, such as through lunch get-togethers and exercises. Also, as more millennials begin entering the workforce, it is imperative to ensure balance. Flexible working hours or the opportunity to all work remotely contribute to ensuring that there’s a distinction between work and personal time.

With these in mind, it is your role as a supervisor or an employer to keep a good working environment. To do so means receiving and acting on feedback from employees. Providing a comfortable office to staff is a win-win scenario: the organization, in turn, will be efficient, and morale is kept high.