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10 Easy Tips To Create An Amazing Work Environment

Creating a fantastic environment goes a long way to ensure the company achieves its goals.  At the same time, employees and their leaders will be able to meet their personal goals too.  Here are ten easy ways to create an inspiring work environment which increase productivity in office.

1.  Encourage Open Communication

Open communication allows employees to be more engaged. In the process, they will understand that things they do matters in the success of the business. By eliminating communication barriers, it allows employees to communicate directly and more effectively.  In addition, it encourages them to support one another and work towards a common goal for the company.

2.  Discourage workplace cliques

It is important for employees in office to get along as teamwork is an essential part to the success of a company. We might not be everyone’s friend at work but forming exclusive cliques would be detrimental to employee morale. On top of that, employees outside the exclusive circle would feel less important than those inside, affecting meaningful interaction at work.

Companies can organise events and activities where employees will not get to choose who they team up with. This allows them to mingle with other colleagues and get to know others better!

3.  Show Appreciation

It is in our nature to want to feel valued at work. All of us would want to work in an environment where we can make significant contribution with managers and colleagues that respect us. Therefore, despite busy schedule, simply take a minute to show appreciation in office. It does not have to be elaborate; it can be as simple as acknowledging and thanking your co-worker who stayed behind after work to give you a hand in the project that you are working on.

4.  Develop a Culture of Trust

The basis of all relationships and interactions is trust. It is equally important in business relationships as personal ones. Trusting your employees will increase productivity and reduce the time to discuss and make decisions on key issues. This is because each of us believe in the judgement and expertise of our colleagues.\ \ Some of the ways to build trust at work includes empowering your staff to take charge of their daily work or allow teams under you to make decisions and put together their proposals based on what they perceive will benefit the company. It is important to guide them rather than give instructions they don’t understand to help them grow and take on bigger responsibilities.

5.  Give Everyone a Chance

As someone taking a leadership position in the organisation, it is important for you to listen to  all of your employees. Refrain from taking sides and treat an individual or team more favourably than others. Listening to your workers will boost their morale and productivity.

6.  Get Acquainted with Your Employees

It can be a simple “hello” as you enter the office, or small talk in the lift to find out how your staff’s weekend had been. This helps to make your employees feel valued. Once in awhile, you can take your team out for lunch as it helps to develop rapport within the department.

7.  Meaningful Dialogue

Whether you are in a formal or informal setting, it is important to engage in conversations that value-add to the organisation or employee. An employee would appreciate it you check in with them on their progress now and then to help them with their career planning.

8.  Have a Positive Attitude

Positivity is infectious. People around you will be affected by your energy and vice versa. Having a positive attitude no matter how good or bad the situation will create a positive work environment to thrive together.

9.  Rewards and Incentives

Employee Incentive Programs is designed to reward outstanding employees when they achieve work goals, reach milestones or when they do a good job. Offering your employees bonuses or salary increment when it is due will enhance the work environment. Assure your staffs and let them know that fantastic performance will be consistently rewarded.

10.  Embrace Open Door Policy Strategically

As a CEO, manager or a team leader,  it will be good to subscribe to open door policy to encourage your employees to speak with you about larger matters. Of course you need to do this strategically. Set up time specifically on a weekly basis for such purposes to minimise interruptions and disruptions to your schedule.

By employing the above at work, you will definitely experience greater productivity and efficiency. Creating the perfect environment is your best shot at growing, sustaining and succeeding in the company regardless if you are a start-up, SME or MNC.